Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Super Junior - Black Suit

OMFGGGG! I didn't think Suju would have another comeback EVER! I'm so happy right now. Y'all know these guys are my favs and have been forever. In fact, nothing less than SJ's comeback probably could have gotten me writing again. Even though it's only half of the original members, I'm so excited about 8-jib! Here's to 12 years of hotness!

They didn't think they'd have a comeback this year either.

I love seeing our oppas looking right in their luxury suits and accessories! If wearing a black suit is too on the nose, how about these suggestions for a feminine take on their sartorial awesomeness? As in their MV for "Devil," stick to mostly neutrals with pops of red.

Super Junior - Black Suit

Super Junior - Black Suit by luhunnie featuring vans sneakers

The look on the far left was inspired by sexy Siwon's sleek black suit and white turtleneck combo. Throw on some Louboutin pumps if you're fancy and a long faux fur coat inspired by Shindong's will keep you warm for a night out on the town.

The look second to the left was a combination of inspirations: I took the navy pinstripe mini from Leeteuk's auctioneer suit and paired it with a casual white tee and Gucci shades a la Heechul. This look could be dressed up or down, but I like the idea of Eunhyuk's black Vans to make a chic and comfy outfit. Try some metallic oxfords for a classier version!

The red dress in the middle is inspired by the backup dancers, as is the floral mesh bodysuit with the velvet mini. The dancers at the auction were wearing such sexy outfits! Channel them in something skintight and neutral with red accents and strappy heels. 

The look on the far right wasn't inspired by any particular pieces, but I think it evokes the menswear "black suit" concept as translated to something cute and feminine. The buttons on the skirt are reminiscent of a double breasted suit jackets, and the black trim on the collar reminds me of a bowtie.

What did you think of Suju's comeback? Do you guys even like SJ, or am I getting old? Lemme just go run and hide as my generation of K-pop goes up in a sea of glitter and confetti. 

Make room, Shindong!

(J/k I like the younger groups too). Check out their catchy new song and MV and tell me what you think! 

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