Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Engaged! Korean Proposals

Great news, lovelies! LBF proposed last month and is now LF: the Lovely Fiancé! I'm so thrilled! I'm going to tell you all about it kkkk. 

Basically my reaction ^-^

I haven't written in too much detail about my relationship to respect LF's privacy, but I have to gush just a little bit! He and I started dating June 2014, and I knew he was the one pretty early in the relationship. When it comes to proposals, however, you never know with Korean men. That's because most Korean couples don't even have what Western people think of as "proposals." Or engagements, for that matter! It's more just they know they're going to get married, they have a conversation and just decide. The whole wedding planning process usually takes less than three months! They don't usually have engagement rings either, and buy the rings right before the wedding.

That's really different from how we do it back home, so I tried to adjust my expectations to prepare. I didn't know if he would ever make a formal proposal actually. We had talked for a long time about getting married, but I didn't know if he was waiting for the ok from his parents, or to buy a ring, or just until he felt comfortable. 

In Korea, couples say getting married is expensive because part of it usually involves buying an apartment (jonsei) and all the things to fill it. Therefore, proposing marriage is not a light undertaking and couples feel like they must be financially stable enough to afford all that within a few months.

We, however, are taking the Western route with a year long engagement. It doesn't put so much pressure on us financially allows us longer to make plans for two international weddings. Anyway, I was prepared to be patient is my point.

My worries were unfounded, however, as he delivered an amazingly romantic proposal when we went to Busan at the end of February. I won't gush about specifics, but he took me to a secret and secluded  spot on the beach and it was all so perfect.

He still won't let me put his pics on my blog T.T

For other Western women dating Korean guys, I think the fact that I was upfront about my wishes for a proposal was helpful. I said I understand how they do it in Korea, but I always dreamed of a Western style engagement: formal proposal, engagement ring, and ample time to plan. Of course it's important to be sensitive to cultural differences, but don't be afraid to let him know what's in your heart!

This is my happy face! :3

Right now everything is a dream come true, and I'm floating through my days on a cloud. I can't wait to be Mrs. Lee! Thanks to my friends and family for all the congratulations and good wishes! Now I'm going to continue caressing my ring and trying not to whisper "My preciousssss" as the light catches the stone. <3


P.S. some obligatory ring closeups <3


  1. I am so happy for you! I remember us talking about this recently and I fured it might take longer but I am so glad that he proposed! Really excited for you and I didn't know that many Koreans do not have a formal engagement. Thank you for the cultural info and happy planning!! :)

  2. Thanks, sweetie! Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was coming for a while yet haha. So happy things are moving along!


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