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Sweatproof Summer Makeup!

It’s summertime in Seoul: the sweaty time, the 3 showers a day time, the “don’t judge me, I’m a sweaty foreigner!” time. Summers in Korea (and anywhere hot and humid) are a constant struggle between wanting to look chic and not wanting to look like your face is melting off  à la Ark of the Covenant *cue facemelting wails.* There are lots of cute looks out there, but this is my basic look for getting through the day with a full face of makeup still on.

Fresh and lovely for summer! This is a very wearable, natural look that's great for daily makeup.
9 steps sounds like a lot, but I promise it's totally foolproof! ^^

First, complete your morning skincare routine and make sure to use a good SPF of around 50! My latest is MediSpa Sunblock SPF 47/ PA++ Cell Fùsion C. It’s important to use SPF even when the sun isn’t shining! Now, let’s start the makeup: 
Ahhh! My face without any makeup, no filter. I've never posted a makeup free photo before >///<
Step 1: Apply a pore minimizing primer to make your makeup last and prevent sweating it off in 2.5 seconds after walking out the door. I’m using the Goodbye Pore Ever pore primer essence from Etude House. I’ve heard the Peach Sake pore serum from Skin Food also works well as a primer, so I plan on giving that a try too! I apply the pore essence only to my T-zone and across my cheeks. I’ve tried thicker makeup bases, but they just melt right off in the summers…not cute.

Step 2: Choose a cute lip and cheek tint in a nice summery color! I’m partial to pinks, so I chose the Aritaum Style Pop Pudding Tint in No.1 Polka Pink. It’s a cute, fresh pink and a nice dupe for Benefit Posietint (way cheaper)! I also love Benefit Lollitint and am searching for the perfect dupe. Just dot the tint on your cheekbones (3-5 dots) and rub it in immediately! Seriously, this stuff will set really fast, so hurry! I also put a bit on the apples of my cheeks to create a lovely flush. If it looks a bit strong, don’t worry! The next step will make it more subtle! ^^ Also, dot a bit of tint in the center of your lips the let the stain start setting.

Step 3: For base makeup, try a long lasting air cushion pact! I use the classic Iope Air Cushion XP in N21 Ice Vanilla. This is one of the bestselling Korean cosmetics of all time and with good reason! I’m telling y’all, this ish makes your skin dewy and flawless. It’s great for summer because if you’re a sweaty beast (like me), it reapplies flawlessly to both absorb the sweat and smooth out your makeup. Just make sure to wash the cushion puff regularly! To use, just start in the center of your face and apply with a quick patting motion all over to the hairline and jawline. This stuff is really sheer, but it comes in another finish—C (for cover)—if you need more coverage. Sometimes I use the S (shimmer) finish for nights out too! It’s also SPF 50/PA+++, so winner all around! ^^ 
Step 4: Here’s an extra tip: for longer wear, flip the cushion so it’s upside down and pat your face all over again with the dry part. This helps lock in the product and ensure it stays put in the sun! 

Step 5: Fill in those brows, ladies! For a Seoultastic look, try a straight brow. I unfortunately have thin, arched eyebrows like a comic book villainess , so I can't even fake a straight brow. I do, however, fill my brows in with a nice cool, unobtrusive taupe color to give them some definition. Use a long lasting gel formula for summer! My latest fav is Clio Kill Brow Tattoo-Lasting Gel Pencil in 2 Light Brown. Just apply in light, short strokes and brush through with the other end. 

Step 6: Eyeshadow! I know some people love creamy stick shadows for summer, but I'd much rather just use a good primer and a light powder shadow. First, apply your primer (A MUST in hot weather). I chose Urban Decay primer in Eden for this, but Etude makes a great much cheaper alternative too. Then, choose a nice neutral shadow with a bit of shimmer. I chose a lovely trio from Mamonde: Bloom Harmony Gradation Eyes in 02 Petal Brown. 
  1. Brush the lightest shade from the inner corners over the inner third of your lid. Bring in below your eye and line all the way below your bottom lashes for a bright look.
  2. Pat the medium bronzy shade on the middle third of your lid.
  3. Concentrate the darker brown on the outer third of your lid, making a 'v.' Pull it slightly below the outside edge of your bottom lashes as liner. 
Step 7: Line, baby, line! You won't see many ladies in Seoul without a perfectly lined eye. For summer, make sure you choose a long lasting waterproof formula. I usually opt for black, but sometimes brown is nice for a charming warm weather look. Today I'm using my all time favorite Clio Waterproof Pen Liner in 01 Kill Black. Just line your eye according to your eye shape and give it a subtle wing at the end. If you prefer a more dramatic wing, go for it! I try to keep it pretty chill,

Step 8: Mascara! Curl your lashes with whatever curler you prefer (I use my trusty Shu Uemera). Use one coat of your favorite black mascara. Ok, I have a confession: I detest waterproof mascara! It just takes forever to get off, and now that I'm in my late twenties I don't like all that tugging and strong remover products around my eye area. I actually have a lot of mascaras I like of all prices, but my current favorite is a higher end one from Lancome: Grandiose smudgeproof mascara in Black. It's got a weird "swan neck" wand and fans my lashes out beautifully. 

Step 9: Now to finish the lips! For a cute and charming pink pout, dab a bit of extra pink tint onto the center of your lips again. Then, choose a sheer lip balm with decent SPF. I still like Maybelline Baby Lips SPF 20 lip balm, Here's 25-Pink Punch layered over the Aritaum tint for a gradient effect. I've also heard good things about some of the Innisfree balms, so stay tuned for a review!

And this is the final look! Be sure to add a cute hair accessory before hitting the streets, and go enjoy your lovely summer! Whether it's picnics on the Han river, or shopping sprees in Myeongdong (sweaty work), this look will last the whole day! 

Here's all of the products used! Please stay tuned for more info on my skincare routine and other makeup looks! 

Oh, and if you're wondering why I didn't use bronzer, it's because it's not really in fashion here in Korea. Korean women sometimes use a light brown (matte) powder or cream for contouring to achieve the prized "V-line" or make their faces look smaller. I will do another post on contouring, but for summer makeup, I find less is more. ^^

What are your summer makeup favorites? Any ideas for additional looks or products great for summer? Feel free to put any requests in the comments! Also, I'll upload the video tutorial on my Youtube channel as soon as I get a new camera. OTL

Bye Lovelies! xoxo 

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