Wednesday, June 24, 2015

K-pop Style: SISTAR - Shake It

SISTAR - Shake It
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SISTAR - Shake It by luhunnie 

Last week my fitsperation was SISTAR and the girls are  back with a fierce summer hit "Shake It!" Although I don't consider it particularly groundbreaking--it's right in line with the rest of SISTAR's summer singles--I enjoyed the song and the dance a lot! I really enjoyed some of the looks too! Above is my attempt to make them wearable. My favorite look from the MV was the black and white schoolgirl look that Bora was rocking! I found a dupe of her heart t-shirt you can roll up into a crop style and pin if you feel confident! The same goes for the lip shirt on the left that Dasom wore. As I said, these aren't the exact looks, but my interpretation of them. :)

I loved all the footwear choices, particularly Bora's Union Jack Doc Marten's and her hot pink pumps over the sheer socks! The Batman bag is a nod to Hyolyn's DC comics print jeans. As for jewelry, SISTAR likes to bling it up a lot. I'm personally not a fan of huge jewelry, but their looks aren't complete without massive gold hoop earrings! 

When it comes to makeup, Their eye makeup stayed fairly natural and they opted for bright pops of color on lips instead. Hyolyn's matte cool pink lips looked great with her tan! To get that fresh flush of bright red on the lips that doesn't look heavy, try Revlon's balm stain in Romantic! This stuff is one of my HGPs and can create a perfect gradient lip or all over stain. Don't forget to liberally apply black curling mascara! 

I left out their sporty looks in the second half of the MV cuz I wouldn't wear those unless I'm exercising. Their figures look sooooooo amazing though! I wanted to just dissolve into a puddle of tears by the end of the MV. I guess that diet tea is working! What do you think of the MV?

I'm excited about seeing the live performances! SISTAR has some of the best vocals of the girl groups imo, and after watching the dance practice video I think they'll do great with the live performances! 

Honestly, I'm usually more into the guy groups, so expect some posts on fashion inspired by guy groups! If you can to see some past looks I've put together on EXO, B1A4, etc, check out my polyvore profile by clicking on the image. :)

It looks like the winner of the poll is Hyolyn (she does have some great curves), so I'll be doing a makeup tutorial on her look from the MV soon! 

What do you think of K-pop fashion in general? Does it ever inspire your daily look? Which groups have had the biggest influence on your style? ^ ^ 


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