Tuesday, June 30, 2015

K-pop Style: BTS - Dope

BTS - Dope

BTS - Dope by luhunnie 

Fair warning, guys, I am OBSESSED with the choreography for this song at the moment. I really love BTS's agressive sound and think they're really talented in spite of their young age. However, they still seem really young to me...know what I mean? Like, when I see all their career outfits in the MV, I'm thinking "Aw, cute! They're cosplaying as grown ups!" instead of feeling the male stripper vibe I think the studio was going for. Despite their adorable faves, BTS always turns out really fierce performances that give them the manly aura they need. I wrote an article on them back when they ddebuted I'll have to link...

As for the looks from the MV, they were mostly based on different occupations: pilot, police officer (Kookie was too cute), office worker, etc. the looks I chose are based on their group outfits in the live performances. Let's take a look, clockwise from the left:

  • BTS fan bracelets to show your ARMY pride ^^ 
  • This AMAZING navy Moschino blazer with gold trim is evocative of their military style jackets from the Music Core comeback.

  • Dior Addict Lip Glow to give your lips that subtle rosy gloss that goes well with a menswear inspired look (some of the boys may or may not have been wearing it in the MV kkkk).
  • A plain white tee, because after watching so many of their dance practice vids, that's just a look I associate BTS with. 
  • Black leather pants (imitation is better) because they looked great with the jacket in the live  performance! 
  • Heeled black lace-up boots make a nice change from plain combat boots.
  • Cute red MCM backpack similar to the one Jung Kook has to add a bit of color. I have a beige one (Luhan's) and love it! 
  • Handcuff bracelet, a nod to the adorable Officer Kookie kkkk
  • This black and white dress was a nice alternative to their simple white shirt, black skinny tie and pants outfits from the MV and the M!Countdown performance. Office appropriate, no? ^^
  • Some cute cat earrings just because I think Suga looks kind of like a cute cat.
  • Dope snapback for a bit of flair.
What did y'all think of BTS's comeback? Do Korean boy bands inspire your fashion choices? Who's your bias in BTS? :)

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