Thursday, June 25, 2015

K-pop Style: BigBang - Bang Bang Bang

BigBang - Bang Bang Bang
Too fierce, just like our boys! Click on the image or the link below for shopping info ^^

BigBang - Bang Bang Bang

BigBang just had a massive comeback this summer with a whole host of fierce songs! I love them all, but my personal favorite has to be the bombastic "Bang Bang Bang!" The fashions are spectacular, the beat is on fire, and the MV looks like it was directed by someone coming off a week long anime and coke bender (don't play, GD, we know it was really you). "Bang Bang Bang" represents everything I love about BigBang and what makes them completely irreplaceable in the K-pop landscape. Above I've tried to make their outrageous awesome outfits wearable for even a girly girl like me kkkk.

Let's look at some elements of the look from left to right:

  • I love pink hair on pretty much anyone and everyone, so I won't question Taeyang's choice on this! If you want pink hair yourself hair chalk is great temporarily, or if you're forbidden to have pink hair for some reason (I'm looking at you, BF) pick a nice pink matte lipstick that makes an impact. 
  • Some cute heeled Timberlands are a good alternative to Taeyang's suede...Uggs? What even were those?
  • I'm not a huge fan of camo in general, but a cute camo top echoes the tank scene nicely!
  • There are some fabulous black leather jackets in this MV, so pick a flattering one like this biker jacket! 
  • The white Dr. Martens are a wearable alternative to GD's crazy boots in the car scene. I love the bright white point on an all black outfit!
  • Lots of studded and spiked jewelry. Go!
  • Dark denim, the more distressed or destroyed the better!
  • If you wanna really commit, get a collar necklace to echo GD's gurl-on-a-leash fashion. That was honestly my biggest wtf moment in this MV...but I love him for always bringing me those moments! 
  • Cute clutch reminiscent of the title ^^
  • The best I could hope to come to rocking GD's epic fur coat is a fur vest.
  • Yessssss my favorite look was the crazy sequined red devil look GD sported! Channel it with an embellished red dress and these wicked sequin heels! And then...go get...a man on a leash? O.o
  • Add a spritz of some sultry but feminine Givenchy to balance everything. See what I did there? Givenchy...Giyongchy? *dorky high fives*

And that's that! What did y'all think of the MV? I liked it! Visually it was kind of a hot mess, but when is that ever not the case for BigBang? I even liked all the glitter! Sooooooo much glitter. 

Well if y'all haven't guessed it, my bias is a certain Kwon JiYong. Who's your bias?? What was your favoriye BB song this summer? Let me know in the comments! 


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