Thursday, June 11, 2015

Date Look - Han River Picnic

Date Look - Han River Picnic

Date Look - Han River Picnic by luhunnie

So this is my first post about Seoul fashion! I wanted to choose a specific scenario to give examples of looks that are both popular right now and that I would personally wear. These two outfits, for example, are very similar to those I've worn on picnic dates in Han River Park! ^^ Those are always such a good time! So far my favorite spots are Banpo near the fountain bridge, Yeoido, and Hapjeong/Seonyudo. What about you, Seoulites?  

Do you recognize it from the scene in Boys Over Flowers? ^^ Check out more info about the Banpo Bride Rainbow fountain here. They have info on lots of great tourist locations! Image copyright VisitKorea

Let's talk about some elements of the outfits! 

  • Cute floral sundresses are great for summer dates! Throw a lightweight cardi over it to both hide your shoulders (this is Korea after all) and protect you from chilly temps at night. 

  • Shoes: would you believe Birkenstock sandals are in again this summer? Kk I'm always surprised to see this 90's fashion staple everywhere, especially in trendy areas like Gangnam and Hongdae. Also, cute sneakers are always on point for summer. The Superstars had a huge comeback in the spring! 

  • Pink accessories, because I love pink! Some lovely pink will always brighten a neutral outfit.

  • A cute lunchbox for all your homemade goodies like this Totoro one! If you don't feel like cooking, ordering chicken to the park is fun too! The delivery guy will just call when he gets there so he can find you. However, cooking is usually a fun and easy way to impress your date. <3
As you can see, I just prepared some really simple food: fruits, veggies, beef kimbap, fried tuna pancakes, and homemade chocolate chip cookies! I can make more complicated stuff these days, but simple was ok. ^^

  • A sweet, charming (but not cloying) fragrance for your summer romance. I'm partial to Daisy by Marc Jacobs! It doesn't have a lot of staying power, though, so mist yourself thoroughly before going out. Better yet, carry a rollerball in your bag. ;)

  • Don't forget that sunscreen! 

Also take a look at Yeoido! Image copyright VisitKorea.

Our first picnic date was almost a year ago in August at Tteuksom! It was hot, so we cooled down after in a shady little indie cafe nearby. I wish you all joy on your lovely picnic dates! 

How time flies!

For a stay put makeup look, be sure to check out my lovely summer makeup look hereFor info on the products in the picture, please check out my Polyvore profile linked below the photo! Have a lovely picnic~~~^_^

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