Friday, June 12, 2015

Jet Lag Beauty

Another makeup tutorial! Y'all know the airplane beauty blues, right? The best of us often reach our destinations with dry, pale, lifeless skin and mega dark circles. One of the realities of living in Korea means I have to take long 15+ hour plane rides back and forth when I visit my family in the States. I'm meeting either my parents or my BF when I arrive, so I want to look healthy and as lovely as possible!

Me with my adorable Coach passport holder I bought years ago! Travel accessories are so much fun! ^^

After several years of long plane travel, I've come up with a streamlined beauty routine you can do either just before landing or after in the airport restroom. This look is also great for sick days or days when you're just not looking as bright as usual. It's an easy way to pump some color into your dead looking face and arrive looking fresh and lovely! Let's get started!

Five steps! Easy peasy for 5 minutes before landing.

The first thing I'd like to suggest is boarding the plane without makeup. Unless you're an idol, you probably don't have anyone to impress in the airport! Just look at the lines of people in sweats and UGG boots or flip flops, oversized sunnies to hide dark circles (no judgment, I've done it too. 'MURICA!). I recommend coming with a bare face if you can stand it. If not, please remove your makeup and wash your face before boarding or ASAP after boarding! 

Now, you probably know the requirements for carrying cosmetics or liquid toiletries on board, but please check on the airline's policies if you're not sure! You don't want to have a fortune's worth of products confiscated going through security. Now let's talk about the products used! You will need:

1. A good moisturizer is a must for long flights if you want your skin to look decent upon arrival! Slather it on when you get settled and get some shuteye! Eye cream is good if you can bring it, but as long as you have a good moisturizer it's fine. My favorites for travel are Clinique Moisture Surge or Laneige Water Bank cream. If you live in Korea, however, you probably have tons of samples you can conveniently take. I try to use samples whenever possible for travel!

2. Lip balm--whichever you like. I prefer Smith's Rosebud Salve!

3. A little beauty kit with all the colors you need in one little box is a great option for travel! For this look I'll use Benefit's Sugarlicious kit. It's a very neutral palette that can warm up most skin tones. I find it a bit heavy for my rosy complexion most days, but when my skin is so dead looking after a flight or on a sick day it really warms me up. The kit includes Benetint (the classic rosy lip and cheek tint), High Beam (highlighter), Suagrbomb blush, and Sugarbomb lip gloss. If you don't have a kit with those 4 items, please bring the products separately!

It has a huge mirror inside too, which makes everything so easy!

4. Mascara, lash curler, and brow weapon of choice. I'm using Benefit They're Real mascara in Black, my Shu Uemera curler, and Clio Kill Brow in Light Brown. I seriously recommend avoiding shadow or liner on your eyes if you can. You don't want to do anything to bring out the dark circles! If you travel with an eyeshadow palette, however, you can use a matte brown on your eyebrows if you don't want to bring a pencil (Buck and Naked in the UD Naked palette for example).

5. Concealer if needed. I uses Clarins Instant Concealer in 01. I tend to avoid base makeup on flights because it just never seems to sit right, but if it makes you feel more comfortable then go for it! :)

The flight is about to land and you're well rested! Your skin should be dewy and lovely after sleeping with the moisture cream on, and lips should be smooth. Are you ready to start the makeup? ^^ There's actually a little tutorial inside the Sugarlicious kit in case you forget the steps.

Step 1: Tint
Dot some of the tint on your lips and blend to let the color set--this will also help you form overdoing the cheeks. Then use 3 small dots of the tint on your cheeks and IMMEDIATELY rub them into a nice, natural flush. 3 doesn't sound like a lot, but trust me--this stuff is potent. After you let it settle a minute, if you think you need more then add 2 dots at a time until you reach your desired flush. Just don't overdo it or you'll look like a clown!

Step 2: Blush
I know it sounds like a lot, but swirl a bit of the Sugarbomb blusher around on the brush until the colors are blended then tap off the excess. Lightly brush it across the apples of your cheeks for a lively glow. If you can't live without eyeshadow, you can use your finger to sweep a bit of it across your eyelids as well for a dash of shimmer and warmth.

Step 3: Highlight
Here's where the magic happens! They call Benefit's High Beam 'model in a bottle' because it gives you an instant healthy glow. I can't imagine how many bottles of highlighter Korean makeup artists go through each month to give the actresses that enviable sparkle! Anyway, just make three dots on the tops of your cheekbones and blend up to your temples. I'd probably also add a bit on my forehead and down the bridge of my nose depending on how dull my skin looks.

Step 4: Eyes
Eye makeup is sooooo basic for this look! First, curl your lashes as much as possible to make your eyes look wider and more awake. Then follow with 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara on your top lashes only! Putting mascara on the bottom lashes will only make your dark circles worse! Fill in your brows with an unobtrusive color and comb through for a fresh look. If your dark circles are really stark, gently pat on some concealer. I highly recommend the Clarins Instant Concealer!

Step 5: Lips
If desired, you can use more Benetint to deepen your lip color. I prefer a subtle, youthful flush, but do what's best for your coloring. My lips are fairly pigmented already, so the tint isn't very strong. Next, dab some of the Sugarbomb gloss onto the center of your lips and use your finger to blend out.

All products use, including the instruction cards for Sugarlicious.

There ya go! A fresh, youthful glow to see you through till you can have your shower and start to feel like a human again! I've been sick with bronchitis for a while, so I've been using this look on days when I can be bothered with makeup to give my face a little pickmeup.

Other airplane beauty tips: 1) drink water, but avoid coffee, soda, and alcohol as they make you puffy and mess with your sleep. 2) buy a cute sleep mask and neck pillow--it's really worth it if you want to get any shuteye! 3) wear comfortable clothes, but don't look sloppy. I'll do a post on airport fashion later!

What about you? Any travel beauty products you can't live without? Let me know requests for tutorials in the comments!

Bon voyage, lovelies~~~


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