Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sweet Daytime Date Look

Do you have a date coming up and want a sweet and lovely makeup look that'll last all day? You came to the right place! 
My secret: lots of PINK! 

First of all, you'll definitely want a lasting look. Those of you who live in Korea or have Korean BFs know what I'm talking about! Korean style dates usually last ALL DAY. I'm talking lunch, cafe, shopping, dinner, movie, evening walk on the river kind of marathon! In the States, we usually only met for a few hours at a time. The lifestyle there makes shorter meetings easier, but here couples often spend whole days together on dates. I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to see my BF 3-4 times a week despite living on opposite sides of Seoul, but many of my friends can only meet their BFs once a week or less.

My date look is a bit unusual in that it's rather minimalist compared to my everyday makeup look. That's completely due to my BF's preference, which I respect. He, like many Korean men I think, prefers a natural makeup look. Of course individual guys have individual preferences, but this is the look I wear on pretty much all of our day dates. If I change anything, he notices immediately too! I can get away with a bit more at night, however, and I'll follow this with a tutorial on my romantic evening date look.

For the day look, start with a flawless base. After completing your morning skincare routine and SPF, dab and blend an air cushion compact that suits your skin type and tone all over. Make sure you blend well on your jawline! I'm using my tried and true Iope (I recently switched to shade N13 Light Vanilla). For more info see my sweat-proof summer makeup tutorial or Iope's official site here. Use a product with whatever finish you prefer, but my personal preference is a natural semi-dewy look (is that even a thing? What do you call slightly dewier than semi-matte? lol).

Seriously, this stuff is my ultimate Korean HGP.

Next, get your eyebrows in order. I'm using the same Clio pencil--KillBrowTattoo Lasting liner in shade 02 Light Brown. Again, I'm so envious of thick, straight Korean brows! If you can do a straight brow look, please do so for an innocent and lovely look. I can't even fake it, unfortunately, but apply as light a color as possible in a shape that suits you!

Definitely jealous of the sweet straight brow ladies!

Next. apply a candied orchid lip and cheek tint with a light hand. A candied what you say? Last year Benefit released the crazy popular Lollitint to rave reviews and I finally found the perfect dupe here in Korea! It's another of the pudding tints from Aritaum and it's only 5,000 won! That's less than $5, guys. Compare that to Benefit's Lollitint  which retails at $30! You wont' be disappointed.

Called Lollipop, just in case you weren't sure kkkk

It looks slightly purple when it comes out of the bottle, but it dries on cheeks and lips to a lovely cool pink. This stuff is magic! It even has a slightly glossy finish on lips, hence the "pudding" name. Dab it all over lips and apply 3 dots to cheekbones and blend.

Blend FAST FAST FAST and use a light hand.

Now for the eye shadow! I use a little duo from Clinique called Strawberry Fudge, but you can use any brand. You only need two shades: a subtle warm pink with a slightly golden shimmer, and a pale brown with a pinkish tone. Etude and Innisfree both make nice cheap shadow singles!

First (after priming your lids), apply the light pink shade all over the lid up to the crease.

Next, apply the brown shadow with a light hand to the outer corner of your eye making a C-shape. Extend it slightly past the edge of your lid almost like an inverted triangle. Blend well! This look shouldn't have any harsh lines.

As I said, the finished look should be very subtle.

Next, pull out your trusty black liquid liner. I'm using Clio liner in Kill Black . Apply a very fine line following the shape of your eyes closely. Give it the tiniest wing out at the end. I would wear heavier liner for an evening look, but keep it pretty thin for daytime. ^^

Now, mascara! I have a different one I use for heavier looks, but for a natural look I like Benefit They're Real in black. First, curl your lashes (I always reach for my Shu Uemera). Give your lashes a nice flirty curl. I find that concentrating on the middle lashes makes big round dolly eyes. Remember, this look is sweet and girly! Follow with just one coat of mascara to keep a natural look. Don't forget your bottom lashes! 

Instant doll eyes!

Next step, blush. For a lovely look, choose a cute baby pink powder blush to layer over your cheek tint. I like The Face Shop Lovely ME: EX Pastel Cushion Blusher in Pink Cushion.

Super cute packaging!

You can use the puff applicator too, but it goes on a bit heavier.

Use a blush brush and apply it lightly on the apples of your cheeks in gentle circular motions. Add more if you'd like, but I usually only do one swirl.

Smile so the apples of your cheeks stand out.

Now, just add a tiny bit more Lollipop tint to the center of your lips and you're finished! 

This lip tint stays put too! Totally kissproof kkkk  <3

That's the look! Now, fix your hair in a pretty style (I like long loose curls), choose a cute outfit (comfortable shoes are a plus), and go meet your sweety for a lovely date! I'll be posting more date looks like the Han River picnic date look soon for some Seoul style inspiration.

The finished look! Fresh and pink ^^
A note on skin tones: as you can see, my skin tone is rather cool and pinkish. If your skin tone runs warmer, or if you just don't care for pink, feel free to substitute a nice coral for the pinks in this look! Just keep it soft and pretty, and I'm sure it'll look lovely! 

Also, great news! I'll be uploading a makeup tutorial for this look along with my upcoming Romantic Date Night Look and Sistar - Shake It makeup tutorials on Youtube soon! Please check out my Youtube channel! 

Let me know what you think of the look in the comments and tell me what products you like for your lovely dates! 


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