Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Style Inspiration: Sailor Moon!

Ok, lovelies, raise your hands if you are or ever were a fan of Sailor Moon! I've been obsessed with her adventures since I was a little girl and used to rush home from school to watch it in the afternoons. Have you been watching the remake: Sailor Moon Crystal? I have, and it's refreshing my love for Usagi and her friends all over again.

Not only am I reliving my youth, I'm starting to get super excited for spring here in Korea! It actually is starting to feel warmer this week, so my mind is going full tilt fantasizing about cherry blossoms, picnics in the park with LBF, and adorable spring fashions. I thought: why not look for inspiration from the Sailor Scouts? ^^

I love their looks in the opening a lot, so I created very literal interpretations for the following sets. They definitely look like something you'd see lovely Seoulistas walking around wearing, don't they? Don't forget the cute umbrellas! (click on the sets for shopping info)

Sailor Moon Crystal - Usagi

Sailor Moon, Soldier of Love and Justice. Usagi's signature color is pink, and it reflects her lovely personality perfectly. She's got a lot of love and compassion, and a lot of aegyo (as they say in Korea lol). The replica rabbit umbrella is extra adorable! I want that Luna bag too! 

Sailor Moon Crystal - Ami

Sailor Mercury, Soldier of Water and Wisdom. Ami's disposition is a bit more intellectual. She's calm and studious, and these pretty outfits in her signature light blue would be perfect for her. She's secretly a fan of romance novels, so a few subtle feminine features like ruffles and lace are fun.

Sailor Moon Crystal - Rei

Sailor Mars, Soldier of Fire and Passion. I've always viewed Rei as a bit more badass, but she's also more conservative than the other girls. She is a Shinto priestess part-time, and her outlook on life is very no-nonsense. Just because she doesn't care much for guys, however, doesn't mean she can't wear cute clothes!  

Just wanted to break up your reading with another reason to love this show: Tuxedo Kamen -samaaaaaa! Probably my first crush ever. 

Sailor Moon Crystal - Makoto

Sailor Jupiter, Soldier of Thunder and Courage. Makoto might look a bit intimidating at first because she's so tall and strong, but she's secretly a domestic goddess who loves cooking, cleaning, and gardening. Channel your inner girly girl with lovely pink shoes and a very feminine fragrance. Don't forget the signature rose earrings and replica umbrella!

Sailor Moon Crystal - Minako

Sailor Venus, Solider of Love and Beauty. After Usagi, Minako was probably my favorite Sailor Scout growing up--I lived for that long blonde hair and red bow! As an aspiring idol (or successful idol depending on the series), her look is fashion forward but never overdone. Orange isn't a color I turn to often, but I might have to give it a go this spring! we also share an obsession with boy bands kkkk.

What do you think? Which look is your favorite or best suits your personal style? I'm an Usagi, myself. ^^ Give me ALL the pink!

If you're a fan of Sailor Moon (or used to be back in the day), I highly recommend giving the remake Sailor Moon Crystal a chance if you haven't seen it yet. While the original show from the nineties had a lot of filler and a Power Rangers-esque "Monster of the Week" formula, the remake more closely follows the original comics and is gorgeous to behold.

Now, if you don't mind, I'll get back to binge watching seasons 1 and 2 again. ^o^


P.S. New video reviews coming next week on my Youtube channel! <3

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