Monday, January 18, 2016

Korean Dating: Pensions and Weekend Getaways

Hi Lovelies! Shhh... whisper to me: have you ever been to a pension in the countryside with your lover??

I just got back from a romantic winter weekend getaway with the Lovely BF (LBF) and felt inspired to write about this charming facet of Korean dating.

Road trip time!! ^o^

Y'all know that Seoul is a huge city with lots to do, but sometimes it's nice to get out of town with your SO. Especially when the weather has been such crap!

This is what Seoul looks like lately. 

So maybe you need a break? You choose a destination with pretty scenery and fun activities, then you need a place to stay. Maybe you want something a bit nicer than the tacky love motels/minimalist minbaks or a bit cheaper than the expensive resort hotels. Why not try a pension?

Korean pensions are like romantic guesthouses for couples. Well, they're not necessarily exclusively for couples but clearly have that in mind. Some of them have themes and decor that range from cute to cheesy--sometimes tasteful, but rarely elegant. These days there are more elegant options, but they're pricier. There have been more spa pensions popping up, which are kind of like tiny spa hotels.

Fancy! Read on CNN for more info. ^^

They're usually cozy, however, and try to make a lovely space for couples to spend a day or two enjoying each other's company. There's usually a big bed, a hot tub, a nice TV, a balcony for watching sunsets, swimming pool, etc. Some offer free breakfast. There's also usually a grill and picnic area so you and your sweetie can make cook BBQ together (because nothing says romance like samgyeopsal and beer lol). I'm not totally sure, but I think prices for basic rooms usually average from 100,000 to 200,000 per night.

LBF just decided to take me on a spontaneous long weekend to Seonjaedo, a little island near Incheon.
For getaway destinations, check out CNN Travel's list of 33 beautiful islands to visit in Korea!

It was freezing cold, so our beach walking hours were limited, but the winter sea was lovely and walking on a snowy beach was pretty magical. Even better was relaxing in a hot tub with champagne ad watching the snow outside! We also cooked our own BBQ for the first time, which was super fun and delicious! ^^

LBF is an excellent cook ;)
Not sure what to pack? Keep in mind that when visiting the country, you can keep it casual compared to Seoul.
See Korean Winter Weekend Getaway by luhunnie for shopping info.

I suggest bringing the following essentials:
  • weekend bag or cute backpack
  • a warm ass coat, cuz Korean winters are cold af
  • sunscreen--wear it every day, even in winter! 
  • a good rich lip balm with SPF
  • boots! I like some heavy duty ones for snow outside and comfy ones too. 
  • warm clothes, like fleece lined leggings and sweaters.
  • cute PJ's (or sexy lingerie, depending on your style)
  • rollerball fragrance (you don't want to bring a big bottle and risk it breaking)
  • champagne, because duh <3

I returned to Seoul feeling refreshed from our short trip, so I highly recommend booking a weekend in a pension as a cure for the city blues!

Lovely weekend trips are my cure for Korea's bitter winters. <3
What are your favorite weekend destinations outside of the city? More importantly, does your BF allow you to post his pics online? Maybe I'll talk him into it one of these days ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

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