Monday, August 10, 2015

Early August Girl Group Style Roundup: Wonder Girls, T-ARA, Apink

Hi lovelies! Wow, I've been falling behind on my posts! Let's kick off my return with a K-pop style inspiration roundup featuring the 3 biggest girl group comebacks so far this month! Click on the photos for shopping info. ^^

Wonder Girls - I Feel You

Wonder Girls - I Feel You by luhunnie

Aw yeah, WG are back! I can't even express how much I loved this song. It was very old school with a serious 80's vibe, proving that Infinite isn't the only K-pop group that can channel that decade's sound properly! The looks themselves were pretty simple--the girls mostly wore bathing suit style leotards and heels as they "played" their instruments lol.

I, however, have neither the body confidence nor desire to leave my house wearing a leotard, so how about a simple bodycon sleeveless dress instead? Add a black belt around the waist and platform sandals, and you're golden! Don't forget the chandelier earrings and matching bright lipstick.

Also don't forget the cleavage and come hither eyes. Get it, Yubin!

The middle look is based on Hyelim's striped crop tank and shorts in the MV, while the American Apparel lip print tank appears on Sunmi in the first moments of the MV (you know...when she's on the toilet. Why, JYP??).

Did you enjoy the WC comeback as much as I did? What do you think of the 80's retro sound in K-pop? 

T-ARA - So Crazy

Next we had some of the usual zany cuteness from T-ARA with 'So Crazy.' I'm not a huge fan of all the aegyo-filled silliness of the MV, but the song is usual T-ARA catchy and I love the little finger pointing dance at the "oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh" part haha. The girls look super cute in their marine girl fashions, but I don't recommends copping them exactly unless you want to look like you either raided a lingerie store or thought Halloween came early. 

Ahoy, sailor! kkkkk

Instead, let's stick to a cute but realistic outfits in nautical white and blue with a few marine inspired accessories. Those navy and gold peeptoe pumps even have an anchor embellishment! <3

Did you enjoy T-ARA's comeback? What did you think of the MV and their marine girl costumes? 

Seriously, the dance is super easy and fun!

Apink - Petal

Last but not least was Apink's 'Petal,' which featured some really lovely floral dresses and skirts. The looks in the MV were actually quite simple with the director opting to focus instead on the girls' pretty hair and faces. I loved the water lilies in the scenery--the whole thing was like a Monet painting. SO pretty. Just pick a lovely floral dress or skirt as the focal point and add some understated jewelry and accessories. For makeup, give your cheeks and lips a fresh rosy glow and don't forget the bright orange nail polish! 

Aww they were so pretty! 

I actually just saw Apink on Saturday doing a fansign at Times Square mall in Yeongdeungpo. It was a circus, but the girls seemed very nice and down to earth. The fans seemed to really enjoy themselves. :)

What did you think of 'Remember' and 'Petal' this summer? Do you have an Apink bias? I loved Eunji ever since Reply 1997. ^^

Please comment with requests for any K-pop style inspiration posts! 


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