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Date Look - Namsan Tower (Summer)

Date Look - Namsan Tower

Date Look - Namsan Tower by luhunnie 

For one of the most popular date locations in Seoul for both locals and tourists, how about dinner and sightseeing at Namsan Tower? It's one of Seoul's most easily recognizable landmarks and makes a romantic setting for your lovely date. There are several great restaurants with breathtaking views of Seoul, day or night. I first learned about it back in 2010 after watching Boys Over Flowers for the first time! Remember when Jun Pyo and Jan Di got locked in the cable car overnight? Now the whole world sees it as a romantic destination.

Freezing cold and awkwardness! Ah, romance! (j/k I love these two forever)

For date night, there's a cozy mid-priced Italian restaurant with couple seats facing out to the windows called THE PLACE. Your outfit can be pretty but somewhat casual, like the look on the left with a cute floral skirt and crisp white shirt. 

For info on the menu and prices check out their official site here.

I would definitely wear flats with this outfit along with some cute and simple accessories. Try The Face Shop Mango Seed Glow Date-Prep Butter to give your skin a fresh and flawless base for your makeup. 

If you really want to go all out, however, try the fancy French restaurant n.GRILL at the very top of the tower! It actually revolves slowly to give you a gorgeous 360 view of the city that will take your breath away (sunset is the best time to go!). 

Again, you can view menus and prices at their official site.

This restaurant is $$$$, so make sure you dress accordingly! I've put together a lovely look for a nice night out on the right. Isn't that lavender dress beautiful? For extra charm, style your hair in a romantic updo and keep the accessories small and pretty. The focus should be on your beautiful face, not your jewelry! As I said, this restaurant is really expensive, so I'd save it for a really special occasion like a graduation or engagement. Regardless, you'll want to look as lovely as possible! 

Before or after dinner, there's a nice (cheaper) cafe to relax in and a yummy ice cream store! You can see the views from the observatory. Also, why not do what couples traditionally do at Namsan and purchase love locks? ^^ This is such a sweet custom: you buy (or bring) a pair of matching padlocks and write loving messages to each other before attaching them to the many many MANY walls and towers of locks already there. You then throw away the keys together over the side of the mountain (you're not technically allowed to do this, but everyone does). Generations of lovers have been pledging their love with these locks at Namsan, and doing so with my BF last year was one of the most romantic moments of my life!

A perfect memory.

Forgive the sappy messages, but I highly recommend waiting to go with someone until you're sure about them! It would be awkward to return with another guy later if things don't work out. Those locks are there pretty much permanently! You hear the odd story of someone going and trying to saw or cut theirs off after a nasty breakup, but your locks will be really difficult to find again! BF and I went again for his birthday only one month later and our locks were already buried by dozens of other couples' locks and tokens of love. It doesn't matter though--I actually rather like the idea of our locks being their forever under mountains of tokens from other couples in love. That's a lot of love, y'all!

I got a bit sidetracked from the fashion, but I hope you enjoy your romantic date at Namsan! For the perfect makeup look to go with it, see my casual day date look and my romantic date night look for inspiration! Chanel Chance eau Tendre is a gorgeous fragrance for a romantic date as well. 

I'll be writing a post on visiting Namsan soon, and there will be another style post for visiting in the winter! If you wear the above outfits in cooler weather, you'll freeze your butt off! It can get pretty chilly up there kk.

Bye Lovelies! 

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