Sunday, July 19, 2015

K-Pop Style: Super Junior - Devil

Super Junior - Devil

Super Junior - Devil click on the image above for shopping info ^^

AHHHHHH SJ IS BAAAAAACK!!! OMG I always anticipate their comebacks with all the enthusiasm my poor fangirl heart can muster (which is a lot), and Suju doesn't disappoint! They've been doing this so long, each comeback is so smooth and so pro. I love EXO and BTS and all the younger guys too, but I still need SJ to come around once a year and school everyone on how it should be done! Super Junior is like "You think you're confident? THIS is confidence. You think you're sexy? THIS is sexy. 

Bringing sexy back since 2005 >///<

One of the best and most unique things about Super Junior is their humor and ability to not take themselves too seriously. I know other groups try to joke around, but most are far too concerned with their cool image to really let loose and goof off. That's why SJ is still so important to the K-pop landscape even ten years later! Ten years is a looooong run for a boy band, but SJ still gets all the love from fans. Their personalities are what SM markets best, not their amazing talent or their ability to look hot in a suit.

Though I'm sure it helps.

Anyway, SJ has found a formula that really works for them over the years and I won't argue with them. Classy suits, a smooth and sexy sound, and awesome dance moves all blend together beautifully into that classic SJ image we know and love. 'Devil' is no exception, and I have personally already seen both ELF and non fans singing along and tapping their feet to the song as it plays around Seoul. I'm so proud of our boys as they celebrate both another hit and their tenth anniversary! Ohhhh I can't wait for the party in November! ^o^

As for the fashion in the music video, it would have been easy to do menswear looks inspired by some of the members' more fabulous suits. However, I chose two looks based on the girl, the titular "devil" (don't get me started on SM's portrayals of white girls in MVs--that's a rant for another time). 

The look on the left is from her scene with Kyuhyun: "Devil's Temptation." It features a kind of sexy business woman vibe: white silk blouse, black pencil skirt (with slit), and the glorious ankle strap pumps that stood out most to me. Don't forget the smoky eye and red lipstick! 

The look in the middle is based on her outfit in "Street Dance of Love" (lol) featuring the black crop top and sequin skirt. I thought the little devil horn headband might be fun for a night out too! 

The look on the right is inspired by Yesung's wonderful red blazer, white tee, black pants, black and white loafers combo. Yesung oppa isn't even my bias, but his outfit really stood out to me (and I'm happy he's back!).

We all know Eunhyuk is my ultimate bias now and forever! He killed it in that burgundy suit, too <3

What did you think of the song and MV? How about the live performances? 

Also, I have a very exciting makeup project in the works to celebrate 'Devil,' so please expect! I hope everyone loves the SJ comeback and spreads the ELF love during their promotional period! As always, please comment with any looks you'd like to see next~~~


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