Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Romantic Date Night Look

I'd like to thank everyone who has been reading my posts, watching videos, and sharing! Please keep it up! Today, I'm going to show you the evening version of my usual date look. It's very much like the daytime date look, but with more intensity. The color theme is still pink, but the pinks are more vibrant and the eyelashes more luxurious. I like to wear this look when I meet my BF in the evenings when I can get a way with a bolder look kk. I find pink shadows look great on all eye colors, but they make green eyes in particular really pop!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Apply your base makeup of choice for an even, natural finish. I'm going to continue to use my Iope Air Cushion XP in N13 Light Vanilla. If you want to try a shimmery finish, however, now is the time! Readers outside of Korea can find the Iope Air Cushion compacts from around $30-$40 on Amazon. If you're in Korea, just head down to Aritaum! Refills are around $18-20. I usually replace mine every two months. ^^

They're easy to find on Amazon and other places online. This is a top-seller around the world!

Step 2: Concealer! I usually skip concealer in the mornings, but sometimes by evening I look a bit more tired. A good concealer will cover dark under-eye circles and keep you looking like a panda! Try a high quality one with a creamy formula that doesn't sink into fine lines but is opaque enough to cover blemishes if required, like Clarins Instant Concealer (I use 01). It retails for around $30 on Sephora or Amazon, but you can get it at department stores here in Korea if you want to try it first.


Step 3: Use the same candied orchid shade Aritaum Style Pop Pudding Tint in No.4 Lollipop on your lips and cheeks, focusing on your cheekbones rather than the apples of your cheeks this time. As y'all know, this ish will give you the perfect sweet oink shade! I couldn't find it many places online, but ebay definitely has it! Check it out! 

Lip and cheek tint

Step 4: Get your eyebrows straight! Keep them as soft as possible. I'm still using the Clio Kill Brow Tattoo Lasting Gel Pencil in 02 Light Brown. You can get it at Club Clio stores or Olive&Young in Korea. It's pretty cheap--around $10!


Step 5: Apply a primer to your eyelids from lash line to just above the crease. This is so important! I'm using the Etude House Proof 10 primer, which is just a godsend. It's way cheaper that Urban Decay at around $5.50! You can get it at Etude here or Amazon.

Step 6: Take two of the Etude House Play 101 pencils in 16 and 20. These are great for eyes, cheeks, and lips but we'll do it for eyes today. 

First take the light pink shade (16) and apply it all over the lid to the crease. Before it sets, use your fingertip to smudge it around and smooth it out to a uniform light pink.

Base light pink

Next, take the darker shade (20) and line your upper lashes with it. It's going to look really bright, but don't worry, we'll fix it! 

Dark pink point

The last step is simple, smudge the two shades together with your fingertip to create a gentler gradation. 

Blended. Pretty, right? ^^
Step 7: Liner! If you like the idea of bright pink shadow for day, I recommend a brown pencil just along the lash line. However, this look if for night, so let's use our favorite black liquid or gel liner. Just line the natural shape of your eye, making a slightly bolder line than for the daytime look, Give it a little wing at the end. I'm using the Clio Kill Black pen liner, which you can get online at ebay or amazon or in Club Clio/Olive&Young in Korea! It's around $10-$12 online, but worth every penny! 


Step 8: Mascara. I would use a primer, but I'm out of lash primer at the moment and haven't repurchased yet. I'll improvise instead and use a tubing mascara with a non-clumping formula to just lift and separate the lashes before applying a high impact formula. I'm going to use NYX Doll Eye for the first coat, which is my go to drug store mascara. ^^

Mascara coat 1

Now break out the high impact formula for the second coat! I'll use Lancome Grandiose Wide Angle Fan Effect Mascara. It has that cool swan neck wand and retails around $32. This stuff is amazing! It's kind of pricey, but worth it. 

Mascara coat 2

Step 9: Cream blusher. To make your evening look lovelier, add some pink cream blush to your cheekbones! Just make sure you keep it on the outside of your face. If you're not sure, hold two fingers up to your face next to our nose. The blush should not come within two finger widths of your nose--that part should stay white. I'm going to use the Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake all over color in PK002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake. It's a cute baby pink cream blush that can also be used on lips and eyes (though I don't like the finish on lips at all). 

Cream blush

Step 10: The last step is to make a nice gradient lip! If you like the lips with just the Lollipop tint, then curl your hair and head out! If you want a more intense look, grab a deep pink lipstick with a creamy blendable formula. I like the Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk in PK003, the same shade Krystal wore in the promotions. I love this line of lipsticks! They're pretty cheap too at around $9.50. Just dab the lipstick in the center of your lips and blend out to make a nice gradation. 


Ok, you're all finished! Throw on your LBD and sexy hairstyle, and head out to meet your date! 

What do you think of the look? ^^ Do you like to wear bright eyeshadow colors for day or night? 

Enjoy your date~~~


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